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Only Powerful Design Companies like BERIS Can Solve Our Burning Issue
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:15:07  Author:By Zhang Dong and Shi Zhiting from BERIS

--BERIS Successfully Finished Fabrication and Erection of "Sulu Ingot Pike" for Hohhot Municipal Government

  On October 23rd, Expo of China, Mongolia and Russia was held in the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region--Hohhot, which attracted 1,300 representatives from the 3 countries mentioned above to discuss economic and trade development together. The landmark building in the center of the expo appearing frequently in live TV picture--Sulu Ingot Pike, made the deputy director of civil engineering department of BERIS be filled with emotions--one month ago, there was nothing here but plan earth. Even in his mind, he has never expected this achievement. From the project designing to construction, every minute was cherished, thus to ensure the successful completion of the project. Just like what Sun Jianhua, who is the member of the standing committee of Hohhot responsible for project construction of Hohhot as well as the deputy mayor of Hohhot municipal government, has commented on BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation after the project was finished: only powerful design companies like BERIS can solve our burning issue!

  Tracing back to the night of September 25th, when Cheng Yanfeng, the vice president of BERIS, was going to have rest, a hurry phone ringing rang out. It was the team for the preparation of Expo of China, Mongolia and Russia, who, after several twists and turns, found BERIS, wishing that BERIS could take part in the design project of this fabrication and erection of Sulu Ingot Pike with very limited time and great pressure. After knowing the situation from the phone, Chen Yanfeng agreed to take over this task.

  Just at that night, Chen Yanfeng immediately organized a meeting with part of heads and staffs of structure specialty of civil engineering department as participants to discuss operation scheme of the next step. Also just at that night, director of engineering--Li Shulin, and Shi Zhiting from structure specialty took car to go to Hohhot without hesitation.

  The next morning, a piece of design sketch was presented in front of us--40m span, 36m columns, "Cloud Profile" of 50t hung in the middle, comprising the Sulu Ingot Pike, which was not only a structure design, but also, more accurately, a piece of artwork. However, at that time, there was nothing but blank space on site.

  It was only 20 days from a master-class design sketch to completion and being put into use. During this period of time, time was needed for project designing, construction drawing, curing of foundation concrete, fabrication and erection of steel structure. Where did the time come from? Li Shulin was considering and calculating. He drafted a preliminary plan on the spot and provided excavation drawings.

  On that day, earthwork construction team entered the site and started construction.

  September 27th was the traditional Chinese festival--Mid-Autumn Day. Li Shulin, who has just come back to Baotou from Hohhot, has already sat in front of computer, having remote "cloud office work" with Li Qiang in Qingdao office who was the backbone of structure specialty. They were discussing about the plan, making spatial modeling simulation and analyzing the details...When the moon of the Mid-Autumn Day rises up, the plan for fabrication and erection of Sulu Ingot Pike started to show up.

  On September 29th, the foundation construction drawing was sent to site immediately after approval. Meanwhile, Zhang Junqing of drive specialty made grounding design for lightening protection and sent out the drawing simultaneously, buying precious time for the following work. Design drawings of steel structure were sent out one after another from September 30th to October 3rd. During this period of time, the design was checked and revised for many times due to difficulties in purchasing material etc., to create necessary conditions for the completion of this task, which was highly appreciated by China Second Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd. as the erection company and the customer.

  By seizing every minute and second, team from civil engineering department of BERIS completed project design and construction of steel structure within the scheduled time, laying solid foundation for the following erection of the "Cloud Profile", and buying time for the on-time hand-over of the whole project. On the day of project completion, the Mayor--Sun Jianhua again spoke highly of BERIS: "only powerful design companies like BERIS can solve our burning issue!"


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