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BERIS Listed on the First Batch of Quality Credible Enterprises in Inner Mongolia in 2014
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  Recently, Bureau of Quality Supervision of Inner Mongolia published the name list of the first batch of quality credible enterprises in Inner Mongolia in 2014. 16 companies including BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation are in the list, which is another significant achievement for BERIS in promoting its development of enterprise quality credibility system.

  Development of quality credibility system is a very important component for social credibility system. It is an important strategy for the government to promote healthy economic development, and is the measurement of permanent cure for rectifying and regulating the order of market economy. During the recent years, BERIS earnestly carries out and implements “Regulations for Enterprise Quality Credibility Management Implementation", improves the management of quality credibility, strictly implements quality management system during system development and routine design and production, carries out the company's management guidelines of "pay attention to the customer, society, staffs and keep improving". After getting the Award of Quality of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region President, in 2014, BERIS has gained 8 awards of excellent engineering design of provincial and ministerial level, 2 awards of excellent consultant achievements of Autonomous Region, and has been entitled with "Enterprise Research and Development Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region", winning the appreciation from governments of different levels in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

  The on-list of BERIS into the first batch of quality credible enterprises in Inner Mongolia in 2014 indicates the company has achieved staged achievement in development of quality credibility, and also enhanced the social influence of the company, promoting the company's management to a new stage.


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