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Completion and Startup of Disc Method Slag Treatment System for No. 8 4150m3 Blast Furnace of Baogang Group Undertaken by BERIS on General Contracting Basis
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:13:08  Author:By Ni Xuesong from BERIS

  No. 8 4150m3 blast furnace of Baogang Group was formally ignited on October 12, 2015, and hot metal tapping of blast furnace indicates that the disc method slag treatment system for No. 8 blast furnace of Baogang Group undertaken by BERIS on general contracting basis is was formally put into operation. Through the test from startup to operation till now, the system accomplished the process from slag granulating, granulated slag dehydration, handling to water circulation. The equipment operates normally, and the quality of finished slag is qualified, meeting design requirement and completely meeting requirement of blast furnace operation.

  As patented technology of BERIS based on the introduction of metallurgical slag granulation technology from Russia and incorporating multiple independent intellectual property rights of BERIS, the disc slag treatment process is again applied to No. 8 blast furnace of Baogang Group following the first successful application to No. 7 blast furnace (equipment localization rate as high as 98%).

  The process features such outstanding advantages as energy saving and environment-friendly, high availability, safety, explosion proof, less equipment fault, simple operation and maintenance, long life time, large treatment capacity, low water content of granulated slag (≤10%), being suitable for long distance transport of belt conveyor, and low investment, etc. It features higher economic benefit and social benefit. It is ideal slag granulation process currently selected for domestic large blast furnace, and also features broad application prospect.

  The successful application of disc method slag treatment system in No. 7 and No. 8 blast furnaces of Baogang Group marks the domestic leading level of BERIS in the field of slag granulation technology of large blast furnace.


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