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BERIS Succeeds in the First On-load Test Run of Hunchun Polymetallic Slag Treatment Equipment Supply Project
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:12:34  Author:By Chen Ming from BERIS

  BERIS succeeded in the first on-load test run of slag quenching system equipment for 0.1MTPA copper smelting project of Hunchun Polymetallic Co., Ltd. contracted by BERIS on equipment supply basis on October 13, 2015, and all performance parameters and indexes reached design criteria.

  In this project, slag treatment adopts self-discharge dehydrator and pneumatic elevator process which are patented technologies of BERIS. The process shows significant advantages, features safe and reliable system, high automation level, simple operation, and it is capable of continuous dehydration operation. It also features simple equipment structure, compact arrangement, less floor area and convenient maintenance and repair. The self-discharge dehydrator can realize VVVF operation according to variation of actual slag amount, the water content of finished slag is lower, and the grain size is uniform. The system water is recyclable, realizing zero discharge, saving energy, and it is environment friendly. The process can be extensively applied in non-ferrous smelting industry with relatively less slag amount.

  The smooth startup of the project marks another step of BERIS towards non-ferrous industry.


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