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BERIS Having 2015 Midyear Work Conference
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  On August 4th, 2015, BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation (hereinafter referred to as BERIS) held 2015 midyear work conference to carry out spirit of 2015 midyear meeting of MCC Group, conclude working achievements of BERIS in the first half year of 2015, arrange working tasks for the next half year, further implement working guidelines of "eliminating risks, transforming concepts, expanding market externally, grasping management internally, optimizing resource allocation, and developing team construction", and work hard to hit all targets of the indexes in the business plan.

  During the meeting, Mr. Han Guorui conveyed the spirit of 2015 midyear work conference and made summary speech. He said "to hit the target is top priority" and "to gain voice by having advantages". He pointed out that the advantages and disadvantages of BERIS shall be clearly understood, we shall do all what we can to catch up with competitors and work truly and steadily to accomplish various indexes of the company in the next half year. He made his detailed requirements for the future work: firstly, all functional management departments shall, with accordance to business plan and working report, make list of finished tasks, analyze the completion status of all items of work, and make prompt adjustment in the plan for the unaccomplished tasks with accordance to the changes of situation; secondly, as regard to the marketing work, some colleagues shall transform their concepts to have toughness in marketing and anti-pressure capability, get a clear understanding of market situation, have perseverance in projects, and try their best to get projects; thirdly, regarding to the debt clearing up work, the key is to make more moves to probe the latest information on the default customers; no matter how much the amount of the debts is, it shall be cleared up from all aspects with different strategies; we shall fully free our mind, broaden our ways of thinking and stress more on debt clearing up work.

  According to the agenda, the conference was hosted respectively by the party secretary of the company--Mr. Zhao Zongbo and the president of the company--Mr. Li Pengcheng. In the conference, the president of company--Mr. Li Pengcheng made a report named as "Transforming Concept, Expanding Market, and Promoting Two-level Marketing; Clearing Up Debt, Consolidating Management, and Improving Development Quality". Li Pengcheng made conclusion of the work accomplishment situation in the first half year. Being confronted with difficult market situation, all staffs have worked hard and gained some achievements. The major risk is not resolved, the whole staff marketing pattern is not established, and the overall index is not accomplished according to the time schedule. However, from general analysis, the amount of newly-signed contracts and marketing incomes are better orienting compared with the same period of the previous year. Firstly, the newly-signed contracts are characterized with overall better orienting but disproportion. EPC project of stock yard for Rizhao Super Quality Iron and Steel Products Base belonging to Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was also signed due to joint efforts of all participants of company early in this year, developing the company's feature, brand and influence in the expansion of market in iron and steel as well as coal storage, and restoring the staffs' morale. Secondly, the company is strengthening its ability in design project management and EPC project management. Learning lesson from "5.16" Flash Explosion Accident at the reheating furnace site of Qingdao Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., the company adopts many feasible and effective measurements for improving safety management, thus supervision, inspection, and on-site management are enhanced, and the materials are allocated rationally, to guarantee stable operation of the company. Thirdly, in order to dissolve the major risks, the company is actively propelling working progress of major projects such as Chifeng project and Danyang project in Jiangsu province. Fourthly, enhancing internal management and strengthening system construction to promote progression of all items of work.

  Li Pengcheng has arranged the work task for BERIS in the next half year of 2015 from the following nine perspectives: emphasizing marketing, enhancing production management, propelling major special-purpose work, effectively reducing "two kinds of occupied funds", improving scientific and technological management, stressing financial budget management, enhancing assets management, strengthening internal management as well as improving clean and honest party's working style and enterprise culture.

  During the conference, vice president--Wang Shixi made conclusion and analysis on the marketing work of the company in the first half year and made arrangement in detail for the marketing work in the next half year. He required that "marketing information shall be stressed, projects shall be emphasized, two-level marketing work shall be promoted, and achievement of differentiation advantage shall be further expanded." Vice president of the company--Wang Dinghong concluded the accomplishment status of the company's debt clearing up work, remaining problems and their solutions. He also made arrangement and requirements for the debt clearing up work in the next half year. For customers bearing long term debts and with low credibility, legal measurements shall be taken when it is necessary to avoid the loss of company. Responsible people shall be assessed according to the accomplishment status of debt clearing up plan and the rewards and punishment shall be implemented more powerfully. Concentrating on the topics about encouraging business operation and two-level marketing, Sun Xianmin, as the chief engineer of company, interpreted the company's allocation management regulations.

  In the conference, Yang Yaohui, as the deputy secretary of party committee, vice secretary of discipline inspection commission and vice president, announced "Decision of Entitling Advanced Party Branch with 'Advanced' Title, Rewarding Outstanding Party Workers and Excellent Party Members". The leaders of the company present the prizes for the the awarded teams and staffs. New party members made oath to join the party.

  During the conference, seven professional departments and subsidiaries made presentation to introduce their experiences in and measurements of marketing, debt clearing-up, internal management and so on. Totally 300 people took part in the conference including the company's leaders, heads of all departments, heads of party, labor union and league as well as representatives of staffs. Video conference system was used to live-telecasting the conference to all subsidiaries and branches located in other places.


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