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BERIS Optimized Structure Design for Dingxin Indonesia 1MTPA Stainless Steel Smelting Project
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:07:20  Author:By Li Qingtian from BERIS

  BERIS started the construction drawing design of building and structure in January 2015 and completed all the design works in April 2015 for the 1MTPA stainless steel smelting project of Dingxin Indonesia Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. of Tsingshan Group. The design contents of the project mainly include the main building of steel structure. During design process, BERIS completely communicates with the owner and construction company, sufficiently understands the site conditions, solidly prepares, and realizes delicate design regarding design extent and quality. As of press time, the construction of the project progresses smoothly, and no design change or design validation sheet occurs.

  In civil work design, BERIS has made lots of structure scheme trial and comparison and optimization as regarding project costs of different schemes, and practically realized the conversion from structure optimizing design towards project optimizing design even investment optimizing design, and has achieved good results and was highly praised by Tsingshan Group (the Owner) and Dingxin Equipment (the construction company). Corresponding to the foreign construction and cost variation characteristics for Dingxin Indonesia project, the design of steel structure building mainly adopts the following measures: (1) concrete structure, of which the local price is over three times of that in domestic market; steel structure is fabricated in China and transported to the site for installation through sea transportation, and the shift cost for site lifting and installation is over 5 times of that in China; therefore the following principles followed for optimized civil work design are adopted: reducing concrete consumption, reducing quantity and specifications of steel members, reducing quantity of connection nodes, reducing lifting and installation quantity, reducing number of welds at site, maximizing the use of bolt connection, shortening construction period to reduce project cost and realizing startup and recovery of investment as soon as possible; (2) conventional steel-core concrete column is not adopted for the 240t crane building column, and eventually H-beam battened lattice column which is more economical is adopted based on special conditions at site, considering various factors and through comprehensive calculation and comparison, and the construction period is considerably shortened.

  This project provides favorable basis for the subsequent 3MTPA 1780 stainless steel hot rolling project of Indonesia Ruipu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and creates solid technical support.


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