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Newly Built Beihai Chengde Stainless Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Project Designed by BERIS Succeeds in Hot Commissioning
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:05:42  Author:By Kuang Zengguang from BERIS

  Trial production has been achieved with one heat, three heats and five heats respectively on May 26, June 3 and June 10 for steelmaking and continuous casting project in phase I of newly built 1.8MTPA of Beihai Chengde Rolling Co., Ltd. designed by BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation. Currently process sections of melt shop have been interconnected properly, and main equipment and utility facilities run smoothly. The shop has successfully produced qualified stainless steel slab of 1000×180mm.

  The main process facilities in phase I of the project include 2 sets of 60t MF furnace, 1 set of 100t UHP EAF, 2 sets of 90t AOD units, 1 set of 90t LFs, and 1 set of 1-strand stainless steel slab CCM. The annual yield of qualified stainless steel slab in phase I is 900,000t, including 450,000t 200 series stainless steel and 450,000t 300 series stainless steel. Currently, the phase II project is under preparation, and the annual yield of qualified stainless steel slab after startup is 1.8 MTPA.

  The smooth completion of stainless steel melt shop of Beihai Chengde promotes deep cooperation between Beihai Chengde Group and BERIS and improves the corporate image of BERIS in stainless steel industry.


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