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BERIS Signs Contract for Ruipu Stainless Steel Project in Indonesia with Tsingshan Group
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:05:02  Author:By Peng Wei from BERIS

  The Contract for Ruipu Stainless Steel Rolling Project in Indonesia with an annual production capacity of 3MTPA signed between BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation and Tsingshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. came into force formally on May 29, 2015.

  Tsingshan Industrial Park constructed by Tsingshan Group in Morowali, Sulawesi of Indonesia has been receiving much concern in the stainless steel industry all the days since its construction, and it is also one of the important projects in the Belt and Road Initiative of China. The industrial part project currently is progressing vigorously. As one of important sections in the Tsingshan Industrial Park, the 3MTPA stainless steel rolling project intends to build one 1780mm stainless steel continuous hot rolling line and its supporting utility facility. The rolling line consists of walking beam reheating furnace, roughing mill, finishing mill, laminar cooling, coiler and drive and automation of the whole line, etc. The supporting utility facilities include machine repair and lab, roll machining, HV and LV power supply and distribution, production water supply and drainage system, environmental protection facility, and firefighting facility, and so on. After startup of the project, it will produce 3 million t/a hot rolled coil of 300 series stainless steel, the product width is 800~1550mm, thickness is 2.8~16mm and the max. coil weight is 25t. BERIS undertakes all engineering design works of the project such as process, civil works and supporting utility facilities. Taking the advantage of construction experiences in stainless steel field for years, and based on construction practices previously yielded in Indonesia, BERIS guarantees the design quality and design schedule to escort the smooth construction and startup of the project.

  The construction of the project will further improve the stainless steel industry chain of Tsingshan Group in Indonesia, so as to form a full stainless steel production flow line as from mining – laterite smelting – steelmaking till hot rolling. The project features advanced process flow, anticipatory energy-saving measures, reasonable logistics, complete environmental protection measures as well as supporting power generation facility. It will adopt advanced production process to produce stainless steel with the most cost-effective manner, and Tsingshan Industrial Part in Indonesia will also become one of the places with the most concern in the stainless steel field all over the world.

  Since the year 2012 that BERIS undertook the design of 1780 stainless steel hot rolling project for Fujian Dingxin Science and technology Co., Ltd. of Tsingshan Group, by virtue of his own technology strength and high quality services, BERIS has maintained close cooperation with Tsingshan Group, and BERIS has successively undertaken industrial cluster planning of Fujian Dingxin Nickel Alloy New Material of Tsingshan Group, planning and design for Hongwang stainless steel cold rolling project and Yongjin stainless steel cold rolling project as joint venture with Tsingshan Group, and Indonesia Dingxin stainless steelmaking project, etc.


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