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Conveying System for Sintering Plant of QDIS Integrated Material Handling Plant Project Goes under Hot Commissioning as General Contracting Project by BERIS
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:04:20  Author:By Kang Xingdong from BERIS

  Coal conveying system for sintering plant of QDIS integrated material handling plant project, as general contracting project by BERIS, was connected through on April 30th, 2015, ore conveying system for sintering plant was connected through on May 4th, 2015, and coal and ore were successfully conveyed to sintering plant and hot commissioning for finished product of sintering began on May 7th, 2015, marking the success of hot commissioning of sintering conveying system of QDIS integrated material handling plant project on general contracting basis by BERIS. The success of such important node represents that both two sections of MHP and sintering plant enter into substantial stage, and provides further guarantee to realize the important target of “focus on quality, ensure safety, accelerate time schedule, work hard for 100 days and ensure whole connecting-through one June 10th” set for urban steel plant environmental protection and relocation project of QDIS.

  As of press time, QDIS integrated material handling plant project has entered into interleaved stages between installation, commissioning and test run. 65% of equipment has been successfully completed in commissioning, and most of the rest equipment principal part has been ready in place successively. Central control room has been put into use. Conveying system for sintering was successfully hot commissioned in one time. Truck receiving and unloading and coal conveying system for coking was successfully put into trial production. Stock yard has begun to store coal and ore in succession.

  Many new technologies are successfully applied by BERIS in the design of the integrated material handling plant, mainly including steel grid structure closed yard adopted for stock yard, common rail system technology for stacker and reclaimer, truss+cover adopted for belt conveyor galleries of the whole plant, reasonable application of belt conveyor expansion head technology, comprehensive utilization of returns in the plant. The successful application of such new technologies and construction of integrated material handling plant will further enhance the overall strength of BERIS and its leading position in multi-type material handling plant projects in China.


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