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Sail the Love and Hope--BERIS Organizing Love Donation Activity with Theme of “Save the Mother"
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:02:25  Author:By An Yujian from BERIS

  Recently, the mother of a staff of BERIS suffered from a sudden cerebral infarction which made her life at stake. Unfortunately, the huge amount of medical cost is unaffordable. The love donation is implemented therefore. More than RMB 40,000 has been collected by the labor union within only one week. For the time being, donations from different departments and party branches are remitted to the labor union consecutively. Some colleagues directly transfer money from their personal accounts. The love donation is still ongoing...

  “When love and hope are reflected on the warm moonlight, I look back, another sweet home is built. I know there are still lots of toughness to overcome, but when I open the window, sunshine is smiling."

--quoted from the song "Love and Hope" by JJ Lin

  No matter where you are, the place you miss the most is home, and the people you concern about the most are parents. Every time when you are back late from outside, under the light, you'll always find a bowl of warm noodles for you. Every time when you are suffering from an unbearable fever, on the tidy desk, you'll always find some pills and a glass of hot water. Every time when you are down and upset, in the distant place where you call it home, there always someone concerning and worrying about you.

  When we are embracing the warmth of kinship, reliability of friendship and sweetness of love, have you ever considered that someone beside us is suffering from giant pain? Senior engineer of BERIS--Yao Xianghai (assumed name) who is suffering from the loss of his grandmother's passing away on March of the year, cannot get rid of the pain until now when his mother is suffering from a sudden cerebral infarction which made her life at stake. Yao Xianghai, as the backbone supporting his family, has no choice but to bear the high medical cost. When talking about his mother's shattered profile caused by having insufficient rest, cooking and doing laundries, taking care of the elderlies and daily housework, he feels unbearable pain as if gnawed from inside.

  After knowing the tough situation Yao Xianghai's family is confronted with, the head of his department initiates all colleagues of his department to donate for him. Labor union of the company immediately issued proposal for a love donation upon the receiving of this information to initiate all staffs of the company to donate for him so as to meet his pressing demand. Instantly, all colleagues ranging from leaders of the company, directors of departments to normal staffs actively respond to this proposal, forming a tide of donating to conquer the difficulty. No matter familiar with recipient or not, everyone is willing to generously offer their help which, no matter large or small, is an approval of love and blessing. Every piece of donation list full of names on it bears everyone's love and hope.

  Thanks to the honest wishes and blessings, fate has finally rendered its hand of fortune to Yao Xianghai. After three weeks' treatment, currently, the breathing function of Yao Xianghai's mother has recovered 80%. Although temporarily she cannot breathe without feeding oxygen, she is able to talk, eat and stand out of bed. Upon the sight of mother's recovery day by day, Yao Xianghai's eyebrows are finally stretched, as the haze disappears. He said: "My mother is recovering, sincere thanks to all colleagues and friends concerning about me. Wish everyone successful work and happy life!"

  Fate is emotionless, while people are not. When disaster struck, help come from all sides. It is the sincerity concentrated and love delivered from every staff that forms an indestructible support for this mother, making her overcome the toughness and composing the miracle of life. It is also the company positive spirit of unity, striving, selfishness and devotion that make every member of BERIS feel the warmth of family and reliable sense of dependency in career.


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