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Gird Structure of Closed Storage Shed of QDIS Integrated Material Handling Plant Project Goes under Smooth Erection as General Contracting Project by BERIS
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:00:57  Author:By Kang Xingdong from BERIS

  With the thundering of salute gun, the starting frame of C-section grid structure of Package I: Coal Storage Shed of BERIS’ general contracting QDIS integrated material handling plant project was steadily erected on April 15th, 2015, marking that the C-section grid structure of coal storage yard closed shed of QDIS integrated material handling plant project successfully enters into the phase of erection and the material handling plant project has been pushed one step ahead as a general contracting project by BERIS.

  Coal storage yard and blending yard of QDIS integrated material handling plant adopt closed shed spherical steel frame structure type. Such type of grid structure integrates the plane form and span, bearing point conditions, load, roof structure, building engineering and other requirements and features such outstanding advantages as new and aesthetic structure, good regularity of members, uniform grid, sound integrity, large space rigidity and good anti-seismic property. All members adopt bolt connection which is convenient for erection and simple operation. As of now, gird structure of closed storage shed of QDIS integrated material handling plant has completed 50% of the total work load.

  BERIS has made numerous achievements in integrated material handling plant, however, the successful implementation of closed storage shed grid structure of QDIS integrated material handling plant provides further guarantee for BERIS to participate in the construction of large-span grid structure, and to better serve the large-scale civil building and industrial buildings, also, it assists BERIS in further expanding the market and increasing new growth points.


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