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BERIS Assists Beihai Chengde in Its Extension of Industrial Chain, Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Products Officially Put on the Market
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 16:00:12  Author:By Bai Jianguang from BERIS

  Reporter learned from official website of Beihai Chengde that the first batch of stainless steel cold rolled strip products of Beihai Chengde was officially put on the market on April 13th, 2015, which marks the complete landing and joyful achievement of Beihai Chengde stainless steel cold rolled strip steel project designed by BERIS. So far, Beihai Chengde Group has possessed the whole process stainless steel production technology from laterite nickel ore smelting to cold rolled NiCr alloy finished product.

  The steel grade of the product put on the market this time is 304, surface status is 2B, and thickness is respectively 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, and 0.9mm. Taking hot rolled stainless steel strip as rolled stock, the product is made via 20-roll cold rolling, annealing and pickling, skin passing and tension leveling.

  Beihai Chengde stainless steel cold rolling project with its general engineering design undertaken by BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation is an important major engineering project implemented based on a new round of strategic development demand, and it is of great significance in extension of stainless steel industrial chain, improving production processes, product mix restructuring, increasing product added-value, enhancing product market competitiveness and improving profitability. To supplement each other with the hot rolled products of Beihai Chengde Metallic Rolling Co., Ltd., the project can effectively exploit the application range of product and its customer group. Compared to the hot rolled strip, cold rolled strip features higher dimensional accuracy, low surface roughness, good surface quality and higher strength. Cold rolled product is widely used in the domain of building engineering, environmental protection, household electrical appliances, mechanical parts, auto parts, medical apparatus and instruments, chemical vessels and etc.

  The major production lines of the project consist of one five-stand tandem cold rolling mill, four sets of 20-high mills and two annealing and pickling lines, in which, five-stand tandem cold rolling mill adopts fully continuous endless rolling process with production speed of 400m/min, and becomes the most advanced stainless steel cold rolling mill domestically in China, holding powerful guarantee to provide high precision cold rolling stainless steel products for high-end customer group. Annealing and pickling line adopts the international most advanced one-stop production line of 200m/min full continuous annealing and pickling, skin passing and tension leveling.

  Up till now, BERIS has made engineering design of Phase II steel making project which is being under construction, 1700mm hot rolling and two annealing and pickling lines which had been put into production, DRAPL of black coil and 1 million t/a cold rolling project which were put into production successively this year for Beihai Chengde Group Co., Ltd., which makes BERIS accompany and witness the development and growth of Beihai Chengde, also assists BERIS in completing the whole process engineering design service from smelting, hot rolling, hot annealing, cold rolling to finished product in the same stainless steel production enterprise.


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