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BERIS Signs EPC Project of Integrated Material Handling Plant of Rizhao Steel Boutique Base of SD Steel
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 15:59:01  Author:By Li Ru, photo by Ma Kun from BERIS

  BERIS officially signed the EPC project of integrated material handling plant of Rizhao steel boutique base of SD Steel with Rizhao Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. On March 31st, 2015 through more than half a year’s intense competition in bidding and multiple technical exchanges and commercial negotiations with Rizhao Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of SD Steel. Han Guorui, chief engineer of MCC, chairman of board of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation, Wang Shixi, standing deputy president, Wang Dinghong, deputy president, and marketing team for Rizhao material handling plant project headed for Rizhao Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of SD Steel and signed the EPC contract of the material handling plant project.

  Rizhao Steel Boutique Base of SD Steel is an activity aiming at optimizing iron and steel industry development for Shandong Province to conduct restructuring of iron and steel industry and optimizing and adjusting the production capacity within the original base number. The adjustment sets the keynote as “highlight the coastal area and optimize the inland”. The implementation of the project will further enhance the iron and steel industrial concentration and industrial arrangement in Shandong Province. Rizhao Steel Boutique Base Project is designed to produce 8.10 million t/a iron, 8.50 million t/a steel and 8.00 million t/a rolled steel products, and the total investment is 56.74 billion Yuan. Its product market orientation is set as high-end plate products as applicable in ocean engineering, the automotive industry, household electrical appliances industry, shipbuilding industry and etc.

  On the contract signing ceremony, Chen Xiangyang, deputy president of SD Steel and president of Rizhao Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of SD Steel, Han Guorui, chairman of board of BERIS, on behalf of the contract parties, respectively made splendid and earnest speeches in which Han addressed on behalf of BERIS that BERIS will bear the faith and great expectation of SD Steel Rizhao Company in mind, allocate the optimum resources of BERIS and put them into the EPC project of SD Steel Rizhao material handling plant. And BERIS will retribute to SD Steel with the best quality project and the highest quality service and build up boutique project of boutique base thus to further enhance BERIS’ brand image.

  Based on the closed stock yard focusing on preventing dust generating from fine materials, the material handling plant of Rizhao Steel Boutique Base also adopts back-turning discharging technology which is firstly applied in iron and steel enterprise in China, train coke combined unloading technology, digitalized stock yard and automatic driving system of stacker and reclaimer. The material handling plant (MHP) will be the state-of-the-art modernized integrated material handling plant in China even in the world. The MHP will not only meet the environmental protection requirements to suppress the dust pollution, but also change greatly the gloomy image of heavy chemical pollution of iron and steel industry, setting up a model of environment-friendly iron and steel industry. This project is another important achievement of BERIS in undertaking multi-material-type MHP projects in China after winning the bid of EPC project of QDIS material handling plant, which further consolidates BERIS’ leading position in the overall capacity of multi-material-type MHP projects in China. Moreover, it will exploit more development space for BERIS in such businesses as logistics storage and piling, cargo input and output quantity and types management of port and wharf, various raw material stock yard, logistics park area, large-scale warehouses and etc., optimizing and saving site areas, and realizing modernization of stock yard and logistics system, which is of great significance to BERIS in technical development, business transformation and brand image.


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