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BERIS’ Designed Beihai Chengde Black Stainless Steel Rolling, Annealing and Pickling Line Puts into Production
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 15:58:09  Author:By Bai Jianguang from BERIS

  BERIS’ designed black stainless steel rolling, annealing and pickling line, namely, DRAPL of Beihai Chengde Metallic Rolling Co., Ltd. which is the first DRAPL in China with proprietary intellectual property rights successfully yielded its first white hot rolled coil (No.1/2E) on March 26th, 2015, and the profile and surface quality of the coil are satisfactory.

  This annealing and pickling line is designed with annual production of 700,000t/a white hot rolled coil of 200-series and 300-series with product thickness of 1.1~2.2mm. The process of production line includes uncoiling, welding, rolling, annealing, scale breaking and shot blasting, pickling, coiling and etc.

  The production line adopts the patented technology of BERIS, i.e. black stainless steel coil online rolling, annealing and pickling line (patent number: ZL201320077489.3), which takes the black stainless steel coil as the rolled stock for on-line rolling, annealing and pickling to produce the wide-range product No. 1/2E with thickness of 1.1~2.2mm which is very rare in the market. It can be both directly used as finished product for sale and be applied as quality stock in thin gauge for the following cold rolling processes so as to avoid secondary rolling process of cold rolling. The production line is the typical project in terms of applying new technology and reducing production cost.


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