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Tianfeng Waste Heat Recovery Unit of Sintering Succeeds in Incorporation for Power Generation on General Contracting Basis by BERIS
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 15:57:21  Author:By Si Weidong from BERIS

  A few days ago, 10MW generator unit of waste heat steam recovery power generating project of cold shaft kiln for sintering machine of Tianfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a project undertaken by BERIS on general contracting basis, was successfully incorporated for power generation, and the power generating capacity on that day reached 7,500kW/h. After 72 hours continuous running, from March 12th to March 15th, the power generating capacity of the unit was stabilized in the range of 9,700~10,000kW/h, and the max. capacity reached up to 10,700kW/h.

  Waste heat steam recovery power generating project of cold shaft kiln for sintering machine of Tianfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. adopts new technology of sinter cooling by cold shaft kiln and waste heat recovery innovated by BERIS, which features simple equipment, small floor area and less investment, and compared to the conventional straight-line cooling or rotary cooling waste heat recovery technology, it has higher heat recovery efficiency and lower energy consumption, representing better advantage in environmental protection.

 270m3intering machine of Tianfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was reconstructed from the original 150 m3 walking sintering machine, i.e. to change the original 120 m3 on-board cooling zone of sintering machine into sintering zone so as to enlarge the sintering area to 270m3. Meanwhile, cold shaft kiln equipment is applied to substitute the on-board cooling function and carry out ultimate recovery of sinter sensible heat, which realizes the requirements of matching in production capacity of sinter after removal of two sets of 36m3 sintering machines of Tianfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

  To further reduce energy consumption and improve waste heat recovery ratio, the project also adopts hot air sintering, low temperature hot air circulating cooling and other new technology. To supplement the insufficient waste heat and reduction of steam production due to short-term and intermittent shut-down of sintering machine, boiler on-line concurrent heating system is adopted to ensure continuous and stable production of steam turbine.

  The successful incorporation for power generation of waste heat recovery steam generation project of cold shaft kiln for Tianfeng 270m3 sintering machine is an innovative attempt in the domain of sintering cooling technology and waste heat recovery of sintering machine in iron and steel industry, representing that BERIS has made a new step in energy saving technology for sintering.

  With unintermittent upgrading of iron and steel industry, increasingly higher requirement of environmental protection and energy saving indexes, increasingly intensive demand of enterprise’ cost reduction and efficiency increases, and under the new normal status of the current market-oriented economy, new technology of cold shaft kiln waste heat recovery will become one of the enterprise’ demands for energy saving and restructuring, and become a new breakthrough point of BERIS.


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