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QDIS No. 2 High Speed Wire Rod Plant Ignites for Drying as Project Undertaken by BERIS on General Contracting Basis
Hits:  Time:2015/11/9 15:55:03  Author:By Wang Liyan from BERIS

  As a project undertaken by BERIS on general contracting basis, reheating furnace of No. 2 high speed wire rod plant of urban steel plant environmental protection and relocation project of Qingdao Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was successfully ignited and dried on March 9th, 2015, which represents that one of the important project nodes of the general contracting project of reheating furnace of No. 2 high speed wire rod plant has been successfully finished.

  Urban steel plant environmental protection and relocation project of Qingdao Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. is implemented in two phases. In the 1st phase, three high speed wire rod lines, one bar production line and one flat steel production line are to be newly built, and in the 2nd phase, three high speed wire rod lines are to be relocated. One set of top-bottom heating walking beam reheating furnace is set up in No. 2 high speed wire rod plant with main steel grade of tyre cord steel and the continuous billet size of 180×240×5800~7600mm. The max. throughput of furnace is 120t/h (standard cold charging). Upon completion of the reheating furnace of No. 2 high speed wire rod plant, the annual heating capacity of billets will be about 52.08x104t/a.

  BERIS made the following system optimization on the design of reheating furnace: to adopt walking beam type reheating furnace featuring high throughput, low consumption, high level of automation and flexible production; to adopt burning technology of double preheating of air and gas and regular heating so as to meet the technological requirements of high throughput, energy saving, low cost and less pollution; to reasonably determine the furnace length, furnace structure and furnace temperature system in accordance with the heating technological requirements of billet steel grade and specification so as to effectively reduce the oxidation of billet; to adopt four-zone temperature control in order to flexibly control the heating of billets concerning the production output, steel grade and billet charging temperature; to adopt composite lining for furnace body masonry to intensify heat insulation, reduce heat loss thus to save energy and extend the lifetime of furnace; to adopt furnace top hold-down and lower partition wall between zones; to increase flue gas resistance to form eddy current zone thus to stabilize the heating temperature of heating zone, meanwhile to prevent the high temperature radiation of furnace gas between the adjacent zones so as to control the furnace temperature in a more accurate manner; to adopt staggered walking beam technology to make staggered arrangement at the position of walking beam entering the soaking zone so as to reduce the temperature difference of skid mark on the billet when discharging; hearth water beam and column adopt advanced, applicable and reliable EIC integrated automation control system to generally control and manage each system of reheating furnace so as to realize automatic control of billets from charging to discharging.


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