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Successful Hot Test Run of BD Mill of the Precision Large Bar Production Line Project of Xining Steel Generally Contracted by BERIS
Hits:  Time:2015/2/9 12:48:41  Author:Sui Jianjun of BERIS
  On December 6, 2014, the hot integrated test run of BD mill of the precision large bar production line project of Xining Special Steel Co,. Ltd. generally contracted by BERIS was successfully conducted in one time, which marks the project has entered into an overall hot on-load test run phase.

Located in the plant area of Xining Special Steel, this project is one of the major works in the rolling technology upgrading and transforming of Xining Special Steel, including a large bar production line, roll shop, water system, electrical system, medium and energy pipeline networks, general layout and roads around workshop, railway installations and other auxiliary production facilities. The main large bar rolling line consists of nine rolling mill stands, including one roughing mill and eight stands of tandem rolling mills. The finishing area mainly consists of a continuous flaw detection line, straightening machine, water descaling, chamfering machine, automatic grinding machine, annealing furnace and several manual grinding stations and dividing saws.

    This project will annually produce 800,000 tons round steel bars with a diameter of 80~300mm and a length of 3~12m, and the main steel grades to be produced include carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, bearing steel and stainless steel. The completion of this project will bring a leapfrog improvement to the equipment capacity, product mix, energy saving and environmental protection of Xining Special Steel Group. (By: Sui Jianjun of BERIS)


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