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Test Run Successfully Conducted for BERIS-designed 20-hi Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Mill of Beihai Chengde
Hits:  Time:2015/2/9 12:43:23  Author:Zhou Weilie of BERIS
  On December 15, the test rolling for the first set of 20-hi rolling mill of BERIS-designed 1,200,000t/a Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project of Beihai Chengde Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (Beihai Chengde) was successfully conducted. The operation was in good conditions when rolling the first coil. The product specification is 1.13x1240 mm; the thickness tolerance of up to 95.4% of the complete coil is within 2mm, and that of the complete coil is within 5mm. The strip profile is good, the coiling is neat and the surface quality is satisfactory, which reflects good mechanical performance of the machine set and satisfactory performance of the electrical control, instrumental control and automation systems.

The test run of the second 20-hi rolling mill and the third 20-high rolling mill is scheduled to be conducted respectively in early January and late January of 2015; the No.1 pickling line for cold rolled products is scheduled to be tested in late January of 2015; the hot on-load test run of the 5-stand tandem rolling mill train is scheduled to be conducted in March, 2015; the phase-I project is scheduled to be fully completed and put into production in May, 2015, and the total production of the year is expected to reach 0.6 million tons.

The 1,200,000t/a Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project of Beihai Chengde, which is designed by BERIS, is by far the largest stainless steel cold rolling project in China. The project is located at the wharf of Tieshan Port in Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The main plant building consists of four parts, namely main rolling area, intermediate bay I, annealing-pickling area and intermediate bay II. Based on the process design, the plant building is arranged as S-shape, with a total floor space of about 130,000m2. The equipment of this project are imported from foreign well-known manufacturers. The one-time construction capacity, and the process technology and the equipment level are second to none in China.

The successful test run of the single rolling mill signifies the cold rolling project of Beihai Chengde has made a solid progress, which not only brings a good start for the successive operation of subsequent production lines bust also accumulates precious design experience for BERIS in the stainless steel cold rolling industry.


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