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BERIS Wins EPC Contract for “Electromechanical Integration” of SAF Electrodes in the Ferrosilicon Production Project of Junzheng Group
Hits:  Time:2015/2/9 12:37:00  Author:Wang Zhong and Chen Wenguo of BERIS

  Recently, after signing the design contract for the ferrosilicon production project of Inner Mongolia Junzheng Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. (Junzheng Group), BERIS, with his great advantages of the highest assessed technical score and the most preferential price, is awarded with the contract for “electromechanical integration” of SAF electrodes in this project.

  This ferrosilicon project is located in Mengxi Industrial Park of Erdos, Inner Mongolia. It is a relocation, upgrading and reconstruction project for existing ferrosilicon production facilities of Junzheng Group. The project adopts domestically advanced and energy-saving semi-closed 60000 KVA SAF, with input power up to 36,000KW. It plans to build six sets of SAF to annually produce about 192,000 tons qualified 75# ferrosilicon.

  The scope of this EPC contract for “electromechanical integration” of SAF electrodes in this project includes the integrated supply, equipment installation and programming and commissioning of the hydraulic system, PLC control system and instrumental detecting devices for SAF electrodes. The hydraulic system and the automatic control system are critical parts for SAF and also serve as important guarantee for stable and high-efficient operation of SAF. BERIS will integrate hydraulic system and PLC control system into an electromechanically integrated system, which will enhance the effective combination of hydraulic equipment with automatic control system to realize precise control. Such integration will give fully play to the technical superiorities of BERIS in regarding to complete specialties and equipment integration and consequently guarantees his comprehensive advantages in project marketing.  

  The project is now under an intense construction drawing design stage and the bidding work of core equipment has been finished.


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