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The BERIS-designed Fujian Hongwang Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project Starts Construction
Hits:  Time:2014/9/2 15:41:41  Author:Bai Jianguang

On July 30, 2014, with the roaring of a pile driver, the first pile of Fujian Hongwang Cold Rolling Project is slowly driven into ground, announcing the official start of construction of the Fujian Hongwang Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project designed by Beris with an annual output of one million tons.

Fujian Hongwang Cold Rolling Project is a large-scale wide stainless steel line jointly invested by Hongwang Group and Fujian Qingtuo Group with BERIS Engineering and Research (Qinghuangdao) Corporation responsible for the overall design of the project. The cold rolling line is specially constructed to match with the 1,780mm hot rolling line of Fujian Dingxin. The designed capacity of cold-rolled stainless steel coil will reach up to one million tons after completion. The production line includes three-stand continuous rolling-continuous annealing-pickling integrated units, twenty-high roll mill, eighteen roll continuous rolling mill units with five stands and continuous annealing and pickling units for cold rolling etc. All the most advanced technologies in the world for the cold rolling of stainless steel are integrated in one production line, including single-stand reversible rolling technology, endless rolling technology and continuous rolling-continuous annealing-pickling for black rust technology. The types of products cover the range of No.1, 2B, 2D, 2E.

The project is featured with a compact and rational general layout, smooth material handling, advanced process technology and a great variety of products. The parties relevant to the project, including Hongwang Group, BERIS, Qian Ye Industry of Wuhan and Baosight, are all with great technological strength and extensive experience. And the successful startup of the five continuous rolling line in Zhaoqing City in the end of 2013 laid a solid foundation for the smooth construction and as-scheduled startup of Hongwang's project in Fujian Province. The project will be born with great competitive edge in market after completion, thus infusing Hongwang Group with new vitality for development.


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