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China’s First Large Aluminum Smelting Equipment Designed by BERIS Put into Commissioning
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The aluminum smelting equipment and the workshop, which are designed by BERIS Engineering & Research Corp. (BERIS) for Ningxia Jinning Juke New Materials Co., Ltd., has been proved to be of perfect performance. On February 23, 2013, five large flat ingots (660mm×1350mm×7213mm) of 1100 alloy were produced in this workshop. Afterwards the 3003 aluminum alloy was put into trial production on March 6, and 2,400 tons of qualified cast ingots were successfully generated on March 12, 2013. Now the 5052 cast ingot of aluminum alloy is to be made very soon. It shall be especially noted that no flushing furnace was utilized for the smelting and casting operation, which was the first time for aluminum smelting/casting industry of China.
The first phase of the smelting and casting workshop is equipped with two smelting-holding furnace sets (90 tons), two on-line refining device sets, two semi-continuous casting machines (100 tons), one cutting machine, two milling machines and the other relevant facilities. The designed annual output capacity is about 337,000 tons of qualified billets (after face-milling). All the main equipment in the smelting and casting workshop are made in China, so that both the delivery period and the investment of the equipment can been substantially cut down, which is deemed to be of far-reaching influence on this industry.


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