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Blowing Coke-oven Gas System Designed by BERIS Put into Application
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BERIS Engineering & Research Corp. (BERIS) declared that, its patented technology, the Blowing Coke-oven Gas System for Blast Furnace, was successfully put into application in the trial works of Haicheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. of Liaoning Houying Group on May 9, 2013. At present, the equipment in the coke-oven gas pressure station are performing well; the blast furnace is under smooth operation; the hot blast temperature and the hot-metal quality have been increased; the effectiveness of Blowing Coke-oven Gas is gradually emerging and the industrial test has been proved to be a success. And this works will be established into the demonstrative project for industrialization of Blowing Coke-oven Gas for Blast Furnace in China.
This industrialization test is one of the three applicable technical research work for reduction of carbon dioxide release. Under this test, the surplus coke-oven gas of the adjacent coking company will be utilized as the gas resources. This will contribute not only to the full utilization of residue energy, but also preventing the surplus coke-oven gas from releasing, and thus play an important part in energy saving and environment protection. Moreover, the blowing coke-oven gas will further bring about a series of beneficial effect to the production of blast furnace, and generate direct economic benefits in terms of reduction of coke ratio, saving of coal ration and increasing of steel output.
After the industrial test of the abovementioned works by Haicheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., the scale merit will be further enhanced along with the increasing of the blowing volume of coke-oven gas. And the successful implementation of this works will play a demonstrative role in the intelligent use of energy.



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