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Thermal Test Successfully Conducted for Casting Machine Designed by BERIS
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A thermal test was successfully carried out for the Four-strand Square/Round Billet Continuous Casting Machine of Inner Mongolia Starlight Coal Group Co., Ltd. on June 1, 2013. This device is contracted by BERIS Engineering & Research Corp. (BERIS) in an EPC manner.
This project is located in Erdos City of Inner Mongolia. It is deemed to the very first large square bland continuous-casting machine in this city, with a designed annual output of 400,000 tons. The arc radius is 12m, and the size of the billet is ofФ180-Ф350 mm and 200×200 mm. The main products are utilized for structural tube, line pipe, oil casing and ball bearing steels.
In the design work for this project, quite a few domestic and foreign advanced technologies are employed, for instance: (i) continuous temperature measuring system for molten steel; (ii) large-volume tundish with slag wall; (iii) liquid level detection and automatic control system for crystallizer; (iv) hydraulic vibration equipment; (v) secondary-cooling automatic water distribution system; and (vi) continuous straightening technology for five-stand tension leveler.



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