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BERIS Wins Contract on Submerged Arc Furnace Project in Inner Mongolia
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The 2X45MVA High Carbon Ferrochrome Airtight Submerged Arc Furnace Project contracted by BERIS Engineering & Research Corp. (BERIS) for Tiangong Ferroalloy Mining Industry Co., Ltd. has been progresses smoothly in Inner Mongolia up to September 3, 2013. BERIS has finished the conceptual design of construction drawings, and now is undertaking the design work of construction drawings. The Employer of this project is Shanxi Tiangong Ferroalloy Mining Industry Co., Ltd., the EPC Contractor is MCC Tiangong Construction Group (CMTCC Group), and BERIS is responsible for design as well as equipment supply and management work.
Located in Zhengxiangbai Qi of Xilin Gol League, this project consists of: the main workshop of the 2X45 MW High Carbon Ferrochrome Airtight Submerged Arc Furnace; sintering system for chromium ores; system for dispensing and loading of materials; circulation pump station; 110 KVA transformer substation; residual gas power generation system; and the other public auxiliary facilities. In the technical process design, full consideration has been taken for the cyclic utilization of the gas generated by the Airtight Submerged Arc Furnace. A small part of such gas will utilized for sintering of the chromium ores; the most part will be used for residual gas power generation. The power thus generated will be used by the low-voltage load system of the whole plant, which will effectively cut down the producing costs of the high-carbon ferro-chrome.
This project is to be put into operation in October 2014. After completion, it will turn out to be the production base of totally-enclosed environment-friendly high-carbon ferro-chrome. The base will be equipped with the largest-capacity and the highest degree of automation submerged arc furnace with proprietary intellectual property rights, as well as the complete set of auxiliary facilities and utilities. By that time, Tiangong Ferroalloy Mining Industry Co., Ltd. of Inner Mongolia will realize an annual high-carbon ferro-chrome output of 200,000 tons. It will not only promote the local economic growth in Zhengxiangbai Qi, efficiently resolved the local employment problems, but also generate remarkable social benefit.


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