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Iron-making Facility Designed by BERIS Put into Commissioning in Shanxi
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The Integrated Upgrading Iron-making Works, which was designed by BERIS Engineering & Research Corp. (BERIS) for Shanxi Zhongyang Iron & Steel Company, was smoothly put into commissioning on September 16, 2013.
Through this works, Shanxi Zhongyang Iron & Steel Company intends to make further progress on energy conservation and emission reduction, eliminate the old and backward iron-making equipment, make adjustment on structure, increase high-efficiency products, improve the environmental quality and energetically develop the circular economy. Under this project, the existing four iron-making workshops with converters (15t) have been eliminated and the new workshops have been built up. The project scope covers: (i) two converters (120t); (ii) one metal mixer (1300t); (iii) two sets of hot-metal desulfurization facilities; (iv) one LF (ladle refining) furnace; (v) one VD (vacuum refining) furnace (allowance for future application); (vi) one six-machine and six-strand continuous billet caster with a radius of 9m; (vii) one four-machine and four-strand continuous billet caster with a radius of 9m; and (viii) the relevant public auxiliary facilities. The annual output capability is 2 million tons of casting blank. The main steel products include: ordinary carbon structure steel, low alloy steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, structural alloy steel and cold forging steel.
Quite a few advanced, mature, practical and reliable technologies and equipment have been employed for this project, enabling the overall equipment to be at the advanced level in China (for instance, blast furnace hot metal, pretreatment of hot metal, top-bottom combined blowing converter, secondary refining of molten steel and the continuous casting machine). The continuously cast bloom is transferred by hot roller to the rolling plant. For the converter workshop, basic-automation and process computer controlling system is adopted, which might be linked with the third-grade computer system in the future. Dry dust removal system is used for the primary de-dusting, and the secondary de-dusting system is provided for the steel-shop. Endeavors have been taken to enhance the comprehensive utilization level for the three wastes (waste gas, waste water and waste residues) and the resources of energy and water. By these means, the converter iron-making facilities will be established into a green and clean works featured by resources conservation.



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