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List of Proprietary Technologies

S.N. Patent Number Patent Description
1 ZL 98209480.9 New driving mechanism for converter oxygen lance change car
2 ZL 00258709.2 A kind of ladle furnace roof
3 ZL 01122537.8 A kind of method and means of continuous casting soft reduction
4 ZL 99259071.x A kind of converter suspended and tiled by support of 3-point spherical hinge
5 ZL 02254426.7 A kind of trolley for evaporative cooling hood of converter
6 ZL 200510072821.7 A kind of process producing medium-width and wide strips in compact arrangement
7 ZL 200720047186.1 A kind of converter that is bottom suspended and tilted
8 ZL 200820180987.x A kind of hydro-synchronizing control means for turning and stepping cooling bed
9 ZI 200820127659.3 Chain type lifting device for mobile gas hood
10 Zl 2O0920000303.8 Hydraulic lifting means of mobile hood
11 ZL 200920169921.5 Enhanced structure of internal water/steam piping connection of converter support ring
12 ZL 200920179665.8 A kind of quick change means of oxygen lance
13 ZL 201020588049.0 A kind of material feeding means
14 ZL 201020588057.5 A kind of vehicle holding both ladle and slag pot
15 ZL 201020518953.4 A kind of safe lifting mechanism of converter oxygen lance
16 ZL 201020290616.4 A kind of knocking and transferring means
17 ZL 201120185385.5 A king of means to remove slag from oxygen lance
18 ZL 201120275980.8 A kind of wheel assembly
19 Zl 201120343155.7 A kind of new model HM ladle
20 ZL 201120435479.3 Cast piece clamping and guiding means
21 ZL 201220291557.1 A kind of grated connection between front and rear tables of stepping cooling bed
22 ZL 201220294064.3 A kind of relining tool for upper furnace
23 ZL 201220474854.X Auxiliary clamping means for caster
24 ZL 201220503057.X A kind of steam supply means for vacuum refining furnace
25 ZL 201220531554.0 Lifting mechanism of cross beam of tundish car
26 ZL 201220598654.5 A kind of lifting means of mobile gas hood
27 ZL 201220598655.X A kind of oxygen lance transfer car
28 201320006573.6 A hydro-lifting and turnover means for cap of slag hot stewing unit
29 201320406641.8 Auto-lock open/close type hot stew cap
30 201320032391.6 Cast strand guiding means
31 201320077770.7 Splitting means for walking beam type and turnover cooling bed
32 201320092228.9 A kind of transfer car with tumbler-like grab
33 201310300624.0 Compact HM transfer system
34 201310369477.2 A kind of pre-purification method for electrolytic Al liquid prior to melting
35 201310643694 A kind of HM de-Si method for stainless steel making



S.N. Tile of Technology Patent Description Year
1 New HM transfer method for iron and steel complex Steel making 2008
2 “One Step” Method of making stainless steel Steel making 2008
3 HM De-Phosphor by Converter for making stainless steel Steel making 2009
4 Converter-CCM process design and computing software Steel making 2009
5 A converter suspended and tilted with 3-point spherical hinges Steel making 2008
6 Converter slag granulating method Steel making 2009
7 Development and application of logistics optimization in medium and thin slab casting and rolling process Casting & Rolling 2009
8 Development and application of medium and thin slab casting and rolling technology (ZGSP) Casting & Rolling 2008
9 Economical method to produce 0.8mm thin slab with 6-stand thin slab continuous casting and rolling (CSP) technology Casting & Rolling 2008
10 Quickly-changeable secondary cooling segment technology allowable for production of bloom/round blank Casting 2009
11 Hydro-oscillator placed in inner bow of small scale caster Casting 2009
12 Hydraulic stepping & turnover cooling bed Casting 2009
13 Billet pickup/pusher & transfer device Casting 2009
14 Densely-placed roll design of segment for bloom caster Casting 2009
15 Application of integral quick change structure of segments for billet caster Casting 2009
16 Continuous straightening technology of bloom/round blank caster Casting 2009
17 Continuous straightening technology of billet caster Casting 2009
18 Application of bow-shaped double-unit hydraulic oscillator of caster Casting 2009
19 Molten aluminum thin strip continuous casting and rolling technology Non-ferrous smelting 2009


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