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Years’ research on stainless steel technology by BERIS has yielded fruitful results which enable BERIS to develop a variety of stainless steel making technology adaptive to various conditions of raw materials. The technologies are diversified to cover a series of processes such as conventional one-step, two-step and three-step methods as well as new one-step method. They are applied and well proved in our reference projects such as 1st Stage project of JISCO, 2nd Stage project of JISCO, Shandong Taishan Steel, Huaye Special Steel, Yunnan Tiangao Steel, Beihai Chengde Group, etc. and granted two times as national level design Bronze Metal and one time as First Prize of Technology in addition to over 10 patents of technology and equipment.


1 New One-Step Stainless Steel Making Technology

Key Tech.: Dephosphorization converter smelting process control;

         AOD converter for de-carburization and pro-Cr technology;

Application results: Shorter steel making process; higher metal yield; lower material batching cost & purer liquid steel; rid of EAF & less refractory and electricity consumption; lower project investment; per-ton-metal cost cut by about 200~400 CNY.

Originated New One-Step smelting process which enjoys international advancement and won first prize for science and technology granted by MCC in the year of 2010.

Typical project: 2nd Stage Stainless Steel Project of JISCO


New One-Step Smelting System

2.Stainless Steel Smelting Technology by Converter with Nickel-Containing Hot Metal

Key Tech.: Desilicification converter smelting process control;

AOD converter decarburization control;

Application results:  Simplified process;

Enhanced adaptability to hot metal;

Convenient change of lining of desilicification converter;

Less refractory and electricity consumption;

Lower project investment;

Typical projects: Yunnan Tiangao, Beihai Chengde Group, etc. 

Certificate of Award



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