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1.Consteel EAF

Key Tech.: Scrap preheating;

Continuous charging;

EBT tapping;

Dry dedusting;

Biggest EAF transformer in Asia;

EAF Fume waste heat recovery.

Application results:  Less heat loss;                                

1~2% higher metal yield;

Reduced electrode consumption down to about 1.5kg/t e;

Reduced dedusting air volume and consequently lower energy consumption;

40~50% cut of dust pollution;

Lower O2 consumption;

Transformer power down by 10%.

Typical projects: Xining Special Steel, Shandong Shiheng, Ningxia Heling Group and Danyang Heavy Industry, etc.

220t Consteel EAF of Danyang Heavy Industry; 

140MVA transformer for 220t EAF and Merit Award

2 Pure HM Smelting Technology

Key Tech.: Pure hot metal smelting;

EBT tapping;

         Dry type dedusting;

Application results: shorter tap-to-tap cycle;

Lower electricity cost;

Less electrode consumed;

Lower smelting cost;

Typical projets: Steel making technology upgrading project of Xining Special Steel, etc.


Pure-HM Smelting EAF

3.EAF Gas Waste Heat Recovery for Power Generation

Key Tech.: 2-stage EAF gas waste heat recovery by evaporative cooling flue combined with heat convection box to generate high quality saturated steam with pressure more than 4MPa and to generate electricity by saturated steam turbine, thus realizing efficient utilization of EAF gas waste heat.

Application results:  Energy reuse;              

Clean production;

Less land occupation;

Energy saved and consumption reduced.


EAF Gas Waste Heat Recover Diagram and Equipment




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