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1. Automatic Steel Making Technology with Converter

Key Tech.: Automatic steel making process realized by the combination of automatic measuring means such as sub lance and smoke analyzer and dynamic control model.

Application results:  shortened tap-to-tap cycle by 3~4min;

About 0.5% higher metal yield;

About 3kg/t less lime consumed;

About 30% longer life campaign;

Reduced splashing from converter;

Less labor cost.

Typical projects: Qingdao Steel, one steel project in Iran, etc.


2.Long Campaign Converter Technology

Key Tech.: Long life converter mouth;

Composite masonry of converter body;

Protection by splashed slag;

Hot shutdown lining protection;

Quick change of tap hole

Application results:  longer campaign;

         Higher working factor;

Typical projects: No.1  steel making plant of Baotou Steel, Chengde Steel, Qingdao Steel, etc.

Top left: quick change of tap hole; top right: converter mouth; bottom left: slag splashing; bottom right: composite lining of converter body


3.Lower Hanger Connection for Converter Body and Trunnion Ring

Key Tech.: Bottom-suspended 3-Point spherical hinge connection;

3-Point tie rod suspended connection;

Application results:  No slag buildup on skirt;

Bottom-suspended 3-Point spherical hinge connection;

3-Point tie rod suspended connection

         Lower deformation stress;

         Simple structure,

Typical projects: Qingdao Steel, Tianjin Steel, Xingtai Steel, etc.




4.Top and Bottom Combined Blowing Technology

Key Tech.: Long life bottom blowing plug;

         Well-arranged plugged elements;

Combined blowing model;

Furnace bottom thickness control;

Clog clearing for plugs;

Metal and energy saving technology;

Heavy bottom blowing tech.;

Plug quick change.

application results:  shorter tap-to-tap cycle;

         Good de-P result;

         Low O2 in final liquid;

         Uniform composition and temp.

Typical projects: No.1  steel making plant of Baotou Steel, Chenge Steel, Yanshan Iron and Steel, etc.

Top1: top and bottom combined blowing; top2: bottom blowing valve chamber; bottom: control interface of bottom blowing


5.Converter De-Slagging Control Technology

Key Tech.: Quick slag skimming;

         De-Slagging detection;

Application results:  Less alloys addition;

         Less rephosphorisation and deoxidizer consumption;

         Longer life of ladle liner;

Typical projects: Xuanhua Steel, Laiwu Steel, Baotou Steel, etc.


Schematic Diagram of Converter De-Slagging Detection

6.Steelmaking With Minus Energy Consumption (SMEC)

Key Tech.: New iron-steel and smelting-rolling interface;

Constantly capped ladles;

Dry dedusting and gas recovery;

Waste heat power generation by converter steam

Application results:  Energy reuse;

Clean production;

Saved energy and reduced consumption

 constantly capped ladle;

dry dedusting and gas recovery;

waste heat power generation by converter steam


7. Converter Gas Dry Dedusting and Recovery Technology

Key Tech.: Evaporative cooling water flow control;

         Anti-explosion safety control;

         Fume dust content control;

Application results: increased gas recovery by 30Nm3/t steel;

Dust content 15mg/m3 after cleaning;

Low energy consumption and less maintenance;

Ash cake directly reused by converter;

Saved water and electricity.

Typical projects: Acheng Steel, Sanming Steel, etc.




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