Steel Making
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HM Pretreatment
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Key Tech.:  Desilicification (by HM runner and torpedo car);

Desulphurization (stirring, Mg blowing and combined blowing);

Dephosphorization (ladle and torpedo, combined blowing, Mg blowing, duplex converter);

Si-S-P removal model;

Application results:  shorter tap-to-tap cycle;

Wider producible steel grades;

Better steel quality;

Higher composite economic results;

              Relaxed requirements on conditions of raw materials and fuels;

A relief of BF, converter and refining furnace from desulphurization;

Typical:   First Stage and Second Stage of JISCO, No.1  steel making plant and No.2  steel making plant of Baotou Steel, Tianjin Steel Group, etc.



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