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Interface Technology
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1."Compact One Ladle” Technology for Iron-Steel Interface

Key Tech.: Interface guarantee;

     HM dispatch simulation;

         Process layout;

Application results: shorter distance between iron making and steel making;

Faster ladle turnover;

Higher hot metal pouring temp.;

Less land occupation;

Lower primary investment and operation cost

Clean production

Typical projects: Acheng Steel, Yuzhong Steel of JISCO and Qingdao Steel.

Iron-Steel Interface Alternatives


2."Hot Transport and Hot Charging” or “Continuous Casting and Rolling” for Smelting-Rolling Interface

Key Tech.: production matching between CCM and Rolling Line;

         Interface guarantee;

         Process layout;

application results: tight production rhythm;

Less land occupation;

Smooth relationship among material flow, temp. flow and time flow;

About 60% energy cut;

Increased metal yield by 1~2%, lower production cost.

Typical projects: CSP of Baotou Steel and 1450mm line of Tangshan Guofeng



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