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The business scope of the Steel Making Department of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation covers hot metal pretreatment (desilicification, desulfuration and dephosphorization, etc.), converter (15~230t), EAF (10~220t), secondary refining (LF, VD, VOD, RH, etc.), continuous casting, stainless steel smelting and special metallurgy, etc. The Steel Making Department of BERIS has so far accomplished the consultancy, design & engineering, equipment supply and EPC for more than 120 large and medium scale steel making projects, over 40 of which were prized with Excellent Design and Scientific and Technological Advancement Awards of national, ministerial and provincial level. TheSteel Making Department of BERIS is in possession of over 50 patents and proprietary technologies and has presided over many key national scientific research tasks and experiments. TheSteel Making Department of BERIS has a professional team with high technical qualification, comprehensive abilities and rich experiences in steel making design and general contracting management, who are competent to offer such services as steel making consultancy, design & engineering, equipment package supply and manufacture, system integration and general contracting for our customers, at home and abroad, creating customers value with first grade technology and excellent services.

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