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in Nonferrous Metal Project

S.N. Name of Project

Designed Capacity

Time of Putting into Production

Aluminum Processing

1 6000 t/a aluminum section extrusion and surface treatment line of BaotouAluminum(Group)Co.,Ltd. 6000 1995
2 Aluminum alloy auto parts project of Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2,250,000 pieces 2007
3 223,000t/a2180 mm expansion project of Alcoa Bohai Aluminum Industries Company Limited 223,000 2008
4 200,000 t/a aluminum stripproject of Baotou Lianqiang Special Precision Strip Co., Ltd. 200,000 2008
5 30,000t/a aluminum foil rolling mill of Huabei Aluminum Co., Ltd. 30,000 2009
6 100,000t/a cold rolled aluminum stripproject of Huomei WanxiangAluminum Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia 100,000 2011
7 200,000t/a hot rolledand high precision aluminum strip project of Daqing Gangrong AluminumCo., Ltd. 200,000 2011
8 200,000t/a high precision aluminum strip project of Qinghai Pingan Aluminum High Precision Machining Industrial Co., Ltd. 200,000 2011
9 250,000 t/a 1950mm aluminum strip project (phase-1)of Luoyang Yugang Longquan High-precision Aluminum StripCo., Ltd. 250,000 2012
10 400,000t/a high-precision aluminum strip project(phase-1) of Ningxia Jinning Juke New Material Co., Ltd. 400,000 2013
11 High-precisionaluminum strip and foilproject(phase-1)of Litong Aluminum (Qinghai)Co.,Ltd. 100,000 2013
12 200,000 t/amedium and heavy aluminum and aluminum plateproject of Xibei Aluminum Co., Qinghai Province 150,000 Under construction
13 350,000 t/a high precision and highperformance aluminum strip project of Liuzhou YinhaiAluminum Co., Ltd. in Guangxi 350,000 Under construction
14 150,000 t/a aluminum strip andfoil project of Danyang Dalishen Alloy Material Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province 150,000 Under construction

Other Nonferrous Metals

1 Rare metal (titanium) strip project of Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd. 10,000 2009
2 5,000t/a nickel and nickel alloy strip production lineof Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. 5000 2010
3 Metallic titanium and titanium alloy deep processing project of Inner Mongolia Baochen Tiancheng Titanium Co.,Ltd. 15,000 2011
4 Residual titaniumrecycling line of Jiangyou Changcheng Special Steel Co.,Ltdof Pangzhihua Iron and Steel Group 5000 Under design
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