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Melting and Casting
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While undertaking research and development of various kinds of smelting and casting technology, the department has successfully opened up the non-ferrous market such as aluminum smelting and casting, etc. It has integrated the first Hazelett continuous casting and rolling line(in Henan Yu Gang Longquan Aluminum Co., Ltd.)and casting-rolling line (in Litong Aluminum Co., Ltd.) in China as well as realized localizationof all the smelting equipment in Guangxi Yin Hai Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Jinning Juke Aluminum Co., Ltd..



Hazelett Continuous Casting and Rolling LineCasting-Rolling Line


Undertaking research and development of smelting technology for special metals and using various sorts of smelting processes such as medium-frequency induction furnace, vacuum induction furnace, electroslag furnace and vacuum consumable electro-arc furnace, etc. to producenickel and its alloys, titanium and its alloys, high temperature alloy, super strength steel, special stainless steel, etc., thus having expanded the market of special metal metallurgy.


VacuumInduction FurnaceVacuum

Consumable  Electro-arc Furnace 


EB Furnace


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