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In order to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation has particularly set up a Nonferrous Metals Department (hereinafter referred to as "Nonferrous Department), which undertakes not only engineeringdesign and consultation, but also technical research and development.Based on the engineering design and consultation, technical research and development of more than 50 ferrous plate and strip processing projects over past 55 yearsand after the rapid developmentin recent years, the department has grown into a nonferrous metals departmentwith wide research field and strong comprehensive strength, capable of undertakingnot only design, consultation and general contracting (EPC) but also scientific research and development of large non-ferrous metal plate and stripprocessing projects.The department has also applied the advanced technology and equipment as well as automation control used in processing ferrous plate and stripinto nonferrous industry, and hassuccessively undertaken design, research and development of a number of nonferrous metals processing projects in China.


Currentlythe corporation is having 27 non-ferrous metal processing projectswith design completed,which either have been put into production or are under construction, involving aluminumsectionprocessing, aluminum plate and strip and foilprocessing, production of nickel and nickel-base alloy strip, production of titanium and titanium alloy stripas well as other fields, and taking a leading position in the technology of 1+4 (3) tandem hot rolling mill, 6-hi high speed cold rolling mill and continuous casting and rolling (Hazelett) for production of high precisionaluminum plateand strip, the hot rolling process of so called “rolling instead of forging” and precision 20-hi cold rolling mill for production of nickel and nickel alloy plateand strip and the advanced rolling technology for titanium and titanium alloy, etc.Particularly among the 14 tandem hot rolling mill projects for production of high precisionaluminum strip in China, which are either put into operation or under construction, 6 are undertaken by our corporation, of which the aluminum slab continuous casting and rolling technology (Hazelett) was initiated in China by our corporation - the first line was put into productionin June 2011 in Yichuan Countyof Henan Province.


The Nonferrous Department attaches great importance to the development of innovation ability and industrialization of high-tech achievements. While promoting the readjustment of economic structure and the advancement of industrial science and technology, it makes continuous effortsto expandthe market, hence having formed unique technical advantages of its own and realized its own development. In the field of slab and strip processing, it has been awarded a total of 12 prizes for industrial outstanding engineering design, including 3national silver/bronzeprizes, 8 prizes of industrial progress in science and technology, 17 items of proprietary technology and more than 10 patents with national effectiveness.


In the future, based on the national development strategy and focusing on value and speed, the Nonferrous Department will gather all its strength to continuously offermore valuable engineering design and consultation and products of scientific research and development as well as services by way of scientific development, integrity management and win-win cooperation.

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