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Comprehensive Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology
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 1.Oxygen enrichment PCI technology
  PCI technology with bituminous coal
Continuous metering technology of pulverized coal injection
Dense phase conveying technology of pulverized coal
Pulverized coal evenly distributed to each tuyere and supporting technology

2. Coke oven gas injection technology

  Final main composition of coke oven gas is hydrogen. After the coke oven gas is injected into BF, the hydrogen in the gas will replace the carbon in the coke (replacement ratio is 0.5~0.6kg/m3).

3.Iron making and steel making interface technology

The iron making process and steel making process are interfaced reasonably based on the general arrangement so as to reduce the ladle-to-ladle time and environmental pollution, increase the hot metal temperature and reduce the energy consumption of each procedure.

Casting crane + transfer car – one ladle used till final procedure   casting crane – one ladle used till final procedure

4.Sinter ore and coke graded charging Technology

A. Sinter ore charged into BF as per grade

Since small sinter ore has large airflow resistance, they are distributed to the side part inside the BF to control the development of air flow at side, so as to adjust BF condition and increase gas utilization rate.

After being classified, the sinter ore will be neat in grain size, which will reduce resistance loss of the burden, hence the permeability of burden is improved and grain size of the lower limit of burden is reduced thus reducing the cost of pig iron.

B. Coke charged into BF as per grade

Coke breeze (≤25mm) under screen will be conveyed to coke breeze hopper via belt conveyor. It will be screened again and coke nuts (10mm~25mm) will be charged into BF together with sinter ore. Coke fine (≤5mm) charged into BF will be controlled to less than 5%.

5.Dry type bag dedusting technology of gas

Pressure reducing valves is designed in parallel with TRT.

Gas dust content online monitoring

Nitrogen impulse back blowing

Pneumatic dust conveying will reduce the dust emission during the procedure.

Water and electricity are saved and TRT power generation efficiency is increased.


6.Stock house wind prevention and dust suppression net/wall technology

   The wind prevention and dust suppression wall uses rectangular wind prevention net to enclose it from the four sides. Wind reducing ratio within the enclosure is greater than 60%. Meanwhile, the rectangular wind prevention net can protect it from the wind in all directions.

7.Environmentally protective raw material storage technology (enclosed material yard, cylindrical bunker) 

Enclosed type rectangular stock yard includes two kinds, i.e. with partition and without partition. The rectangular stock yard without partition is the kind added with enclosed building based on normal open air rectangular stock yard, for which proven process equipment is selected, which is easy for maintenance and highly adaptable for materials of multiple grades and batches. The rectangular stock yard with partition is the kind to build up a retaining wall between the material bars, which greatly increases the height of material pile, thus having a greater stacking and storage capacity, for which unloader is adopted for unloading and stacking the materials and scraper stacker is used to take out the materials for charging operation


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