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The Iron Making Department of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation mainly undertakes the business of general contracting, engineering, technical consultant, construction, equipment installation and commissioning guidance of blast furnaces of various sizes and their supporting facilities. For over 50 years, it has undertaken the engineering design for blast furnaces and their supporting facilities in more than ten provinces (autonomous regions) and cities in China as well as in overseas countries (like India, Vietnam, Iran, etc.). Volume of them are respectively 4503, 500m3, 750m3, 1200m3, 1500m3, 1800m3, 2200m3, 2500m3 and 3200m3. Meanwhile the department lays great emphasis on the technical improvement of the specialty and research and development of new technologies, thus making great achievements in long service life of blast furnace, bell-less top, hot blast stoves with high blast temperature, oxygen enrichment PCI, PCI with coke oven gas and environmental protection, which forms a series of iron making technologies with their own features.


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