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Registered and established in Baotou Rare Earth Development Zone, a nation-level New-High Tech Development Zone in 2005, MCC BERIS Industrial Furnace Engineering Company is a professional branch company of MCC BERIS. The company is specialized in research, development, design, manufacturing, installation, construction and general project contracting of various types of industrial furnaces and kilns and their energy-saving technology. With over 50-year development, the company has designed thousands of sets of various types of reheating furnace, soaking furnace, heat treatment furnace, holding furnace, drying furnace, cupola furnace, lime kiln and tunnel kiln, etc. for customers both at home and abroad. MCC BERIS Industrial Furnace Engineering Company takes over abundant industrial furnace design theory and practice experiences accumulated by the former Industrial Furnace Design Department, and has accumulated rich engineering design and management experiences in years of general project contracting practice, and has become a famous industrial furnace engineering company in the industry.

MCC BERIS Industrial Furnace Engineering Company possesses specialties such as thermal process, equipment, electrical, instrument, thermal facility and civil works, and it is capable of providing the customer with delicate and professional design, consultation and general project contracting services. The company possesses its own complete quality management system for engineering design, equipment purchase, construction and installation in general contracting project.

With the capacity increase and expansion of business scope, the company greatly improves its technical level to provide 3-D design for customer, increase the devotion to technology research and development so as to provide advanced and practical technologies to customer. Based on abundant technology accumulation and sticking to the spirits as Sincerity, Optimized Technical Solution, Delicate Design and High Efficiency Management, the company is highly praised and entrusted by the customer.


Business spirit: Sincerity and Credibility, Mutual Benefit.

Design target: Delicate and Rational, Quality First.

After sales service requirement: Timely and High Efficiency, and Customer’s Satisfaction.

We earnestly undertake:

We provide only the product with the highest quality and services with the most satisfaction.


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