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The Ferroalloy Design and Research Department of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation was established in 1972, mainlyengaged in design and general contracting (EPC)for production of ferrosilicon, silico-calcium, silico-aluminum,industrial silicon,manganese silicon, high-, medium- and low-carbonferromanganese, silicochromium, high-, medium- and-low carbon ferrochrome, calcium carbide, ferronickel as well as special ferroalloy products, etc. by submerged arc furnace,as well as recovery of slagof nickel and chromium and slag of titanium. It has successively completed a number of design worksas represented by the project of Baotou Iron and Steel Company in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the project of Datong City in Shanxi Province and the project of BayiIron and Steel Company in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, etc.


Over years of design and research practice in ferroalloy project, the department has won one 1stprize, eight 2nd prizes and one 3rd prize in the award for the industrial science and technology advancement in China and one 3rdprize in the award for China national excellent design. While devoted to constantly improvingthelevel of the technology and innovation ability of the ferroalloy industry, it has formed one complete packageof proprietary technologyof its own.In utilization of electric furnace flue gas and control of dust, our corporation has successivelydeveloped a number of technical innovations, which have been successfully applied in practice and achievedobvious economic, social and environmental benefits.


In 1990s, China introduced 8 sets of 25000KVA calcium carbide furnaces from Eken. The furnace was equipped with combined holder. Our corporationsuccessfully digested thetechnology and had it applied in the calcium carbide furnace designed by us and achieved good result, thus making the combined holder localized. Our corporation also hadthe mature technology in ferrosilicon furnace applied in the design of calcium carbide furnace and succeeded in changing the combined holder into pressure ring holder.


In recent years,in order to support the development of ferroalloy business, the corporation established Ferroalloy Engineering Department, operated as a subsidiarycompany, so as to provide better service to the ferroalloy industry both at home and abroad.

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