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Iron Making
The Iron Making Department of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation mainly undertakes the business of general contracting, engineering, technical consultant, construction, equipment installation and commissioning guidance of blast furnaces of various sizes and their supporting facilities.
Steel Making
The business scope of the Steel Making Department of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation covers hot metal pretreatment (desilicification, desulfuration and dephosphorization, etc.), converter (15~230t), EAF (10~220t), secondary refining (LF, VD, VOD, RH, etc.), continuous casting, stainless steel smelting and special metallurgy, etc.
Steel Rolling
The business scope of BERIS in the field of plate and sheet products covers hot rolled sheets and strips, cold rolled sheets and strips, heat treatment unit, hot galvanizing unit, color coating unit, recoiling, slitting and cross cutting units, etc.
The Ferroalloy Design and Research Department of BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation was established in 1972, mainlyengaged in design and general contracting (EPC)for production of ferrosilicon, silico-calcium, silico-aluminum,industrial silicon,manganese silicon
Nonferrous Metals
In order to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, BERIS has particularly set up a Nonferrous Metals Department , which undertakes not only engineeringdesign and consultation, but also technical research and development.Based on the engineering design and consultation, technical research and development of more than 50 ferrous plate and strip processing projects over past 55 yearsand after the rapid developmentin recent years
The company is specialized in research, development, design, manufacturing, installation, construction and general project contracting of various types of industrial furnaces and kilns and their energy-saving technology.


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