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MCC BERIS Engineering and Research Corporation (hereinafter referred to as BERIS) is under the jurisdiction of Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. with its headquarter located in Qingdao, Shandong Province. BERIS has also established branch (subsidiary) companies in Baotou, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Erdos, and Danyang. BERIS is a multi-specialized and cross-industrial group company of science and technology which focuses on engineering design and consultation, EPC general contracting and relevant services, technological equipment manufacturing and relevant services.


Currently BERIS has a staff of over 1500 persons, including over 1300 professional technical personnel, and 36 experts who enjoy governmental subsidy granted by the State Council. BERIS possesses the highest level of engineering design, consultation and evaluation qualifications authorized by the state in over 10 fields such as metallurgy, architecture, municipal engineering, chemical industry, light industry, environmental engineering and evaluation, intelligent system integration and etc.


BERIS is derived from Baotou Engineering and Research Corporation of Iron and Steel Industry under the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. In the past over 55 years of development, BERIS has expanded its business to 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over China, and has accumulatively accomplished thousands of engineering projects, and therefore made outstanding contributions to the development of the iron and steel industry in China. The projects undertaken by BERIS involve companies located in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, such as Baotou Iron and Steel Company, Anshan Iron and Steel Company and Benxi Iron and Steel Company in the north, Shaoguan Iron and Steel Company, Guangzhou Iron and Steel Company and Shuicheng Iron and Steel Company in the south, Laiwu Iron and Steel Company, Qingdao Iron and Steel Company, Tianjin Iron and Steel Company and Shanghai Iron and Steel Company in the east, and Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company, Xining Special Steel Company and Bayi Iron and Steel of Xinjiang in the west, as well as Shoudu Steel Complex, Tangshan Iron and Steel Company, Xuanhua Iron and Steel Company, Chengde Iron and Steel Company, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company, Handan Iron and Steel Company and Datong Iron and Steel Company, which cover over 7000 engineering design and general contracting projects and accumulate to an investment of more than 100 billion RMB Yuan. Based on that, BERIS has established a complete technical service support system, which covers the whole processes as of technical development and research 每 technical consultation 每 economic and environmental evaluation 每 project planning 每 engineering design 每 equipment supply and integration 每 project supervision 每 project management service 每project general contracting and so on. BERIS  participated in and accomplished a number of important national scientific researches and tests, and was awarded over 300 prizes of national, provincial and ministerial levels such as excellent engineering design prize, invention prize, and prize of advance in scientific and technology; it also owns hundreds of patented technologies and national patents and has undertaken as main editing party or taken part in the editing of nearly 50 national or industrial standards, codes and specifications.


As an international company and with qualifications in equipment import and export as well as in foreign businesses, BERIS has enjoyed over 40 years of experiences in undertaking international projects, having established business relations with over 100 companies in over 40 countries and regions. It has successively undertaken a lot of projects of consultation, design, equipment supply and general contracting in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Canada, South Africa, and so on.


BERIS has powerful comprehensive scientific and technological strength, and is powerful and has realized great achievements in non-ferrous market field. In recent years, it has undertaken multiple projects of large non-ferrous plate and strip processing design, general contracting project, including Pingan Aluminum Plate and Strip in Qinghai, Jinchuan Nickel Plate and Strip in Lanzhou, and Yuquan Longgang Aluminum Plate and Strip in Henan, thus forming its unique technology advantages in such fields as aluminum base alloy, nickel base alloy, titanium alloy plate, and compound plate and leading in the non-ferrous metal processing field. In addition, it has also made a lot of achievements in the fields of chemical industry, municipal construction, circulation economy, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of water resource, etc.


Succeeding to the superior tradition of Baotou Engineering and Research Corporation of Iron and Steel Industry over the past 50 years, BERIS will continue to stick to its business philosophy of Put Good Faith First and Regard Clients* Satisfaction as Honor and the humanistic philosophy of Integrity, Calmness, Foresight and Elaboration, in order to sustainably improve the modern enterprise management and operation system, undertake social responsibility of a company and attract talents from all directions so as to build BERIS into an internationally competitive first-class scientific and technological enterprise.


BERIS, MCC*s BERIS, China*s BERIS and the world*s BERIS!


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